The AI-powered SaaS platform for efficient process implementation

Smace Customer View
Smace Customer View
Smace Customer View
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Smace: The Future of Process Implementation

We bridge the critical gap between process design and  execution

Enhanced Efficiency

Smace leverages AI insights and intuitive features to enhance team efficiency, loyalty, and engagement.

Streamlined Collaboration

Designed to unify teams, Smace promotes effortless coordination and collective decision-making, breaking down organizational barriers.

Advanced Integration

Enjoy streamlined process flow with Smace, effortlessly linking various tools and systems, reducing delays, and increasing transparency and efficiency.


Enhanced Process

Smace revolutionizes process collaboration, enabling transparent, interactive workspaces for all stakeholders. Our platform ensures seamless communication and clear task management, enhancing productivity and decision-making across desktop and mobile interfaces.
Smace Project Baoard

Automated Workflows & Integration

Automate and integrate your processes with Smace, effortlessly connecting to your existing systems. Experience streamlined operations that trigger efficient workflows, reducing manual efforts and fostering a unified ecosystem.
Smace Automation Layer

Streamlined Task Management

Simplify your process tasks with Smace, from creation to tracking. Our platform enhances your operational efficiency, ensuring every task is managed effectively for optimal outcomes.
Smace Task Management

Data-Driven Decision Support

Transform decision-making with Smace Forms. Our customizable templates make data collection straightforward, enabling smarter, data-informed strategies that drive process efficiency and effectiveness.
Smace Form Builder



Henrik Lippke
Henrik Lippke

Henrik is a co-founder with 20 years of programming experience and a background in digital media. He has led the technical development of Exporo's investment platform, grew the tech team to 35 employees, and worked as a freelance web developer and interactive installation artist.
Henrik is now the CTO of Smace, responsible for product development and technological strategy.

Björn Maronde
Björn Maronde

Björn is a co-founder with experience in founding and growing successful companies. As a founder of Exporo, he played a crucial role in growing the company to over 200 employees and expanding into multiple European markets. He currently serves as the CEO of Smace, where he overseas the product development and strategic direction of the company.
Björn holds a MBA from Kellogg-WHU and a PhD in Law from the University of Hamburg.

Björn Maronde
Henrik Lippke & Björn Maronde
Björn & Henrik

Björn and Henrik became colleagues at Exporo, Europe's top real-estate investment platform, which Björn co-founded in 2014. Björn handled marketing and software development, while Henrik served as Head of Technology from the very beginning.
Together, they share a passion for scaling digital projects and possess extensive experience navigating in a dynamic environment. They take a practical approach to problem-solving, aiming for comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Björn Maronde


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